Our Commitment to Sustainable Cotton

Maria Valentina Baby is always looking for business opportunities that conserve and preserve our natural resources for future generations. We favour brands that create a “culture of conservation” together with strict standards of environmental control to protect human health.

Today, Brazil is the largest supplier of sustainable cotton in the world; their initiative contributes to an environmentally friendly, socially just and commercially responsible product journey. Our Brazilian partners in clothing production ensure their cotton fibre suppliers are responsible “sustainable cotton” companies certified by the Brazilian Association.

To obtain certification, those companies commit to a strict protocol of agricultural, environmental, social and economic practices as set out in these 3 pillars:

  1. Environmental - to be responsible for the preservation of the environment with controlled and adequate use of pesticides.
  2. Social – to be respectful of workers and guarantee fair relations between contractors, always in accordance with the law and to contribute to the development of the community.
  3. Economic – to support the economic health of  businesses that involve cotton to benefit everyone in a fair and balanced way and to stimulate the growth of national GDP.

Maria Valentina Baby know and value the origin and pathway our clothing takes until it reaches our customers. We are proud to offer stylish, quality products knowing that our trusted, certified suppliers are contributing to a healthy and responsible environment in all processes.

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