The importance of choosing your toddlers first walking shoes

Maria Valentina Baby is proud to include the Brazilian brand KLIN in our footwear collection. As well as being inspired by the latest, stylish trends, they offer the very best in child footcare and protection. Having experience of over 30 years in the children’s footwear industry, theirs is a history of quality, style, technical innovation and research.

Choosing your toddlers first walking shoes is essential to ensure healthy growth of their feet. All KLIN shoes are designed around the anatomy of the foot to ensure comfort and healthy development from birth.


Pre-walking styles are the perfect option for warmth and comfort throughout the seasons, to protect against unsmooth surfaces when kicking, crawling and cruising around. Our NEWBORN range of trainers, sandals and shoes give baby feet the freedom and flexibility to feel comfortable and protected. They are also stylish and extremely cute!

From here, first-steps styles become more important as children’s feet start developing and needing extra support. Once they are walking around unaided for a large part of the day, they are ready for their first walking shoes.


Being a specialist brand in foot health, KLIN advocate the importance of anatomical shoes from the child’s first steps as the structure of the foot forms from an early age and will determine  their foot health in the future. It is well documented that an incorrect footwear product can cause issues later in life such as painful joint and knee problems. Therefore, all KLIN products are anatomical in their design and their continued use as children grow stimulates healthy development from the very first steps.

What makes KLIN’s anatomical shoes unique is their innovative Ultra Anatomical Insole. Exclusively designed using a highly resilient anti-hydrolysis Polyurethane (PU), the insole follows the natural morphology of the foot, enabling stability that provides support and comfort when walking. Every little step will get the care and protection it needs and deserves.

Furthermore, due to its special elastic properties, the insole absorbs impacts during activities to enhance comfort. Even after playing, running or jumping when heat and sweat may deform the insole, KLIN’s Ultra Anatomical Insole will return to its original shape, accepting the natural anatomy of the foot for maintaining stability.

Leading with the science, the quality, safety, comfort and purity of KLIN shoes is constantly considered. Their shoes are tested and approved by the Brazilian Institute of Technology for Leather, Footwear and Artefacts, with whom research and development studies are carried out in partnership. Their product quality certification is 100% compliant.

Maria Valentina Baby specialises in stylish, high quality products for boys and girls and we can see that every KLIN shoe is made with the utmost care and love with the benefits to children being clear. For guaranteed and certified comfort, please take a look at our FIRST STEPS and DISCOVERIES ranges for walking children.

Have fun selecting the colours and styles of footwear you like, safe in the knowledge that you are purchasing suitably made, tried and trusted products. Enjoy this exciting and liberating new phase in your child’s life with happy, healthy walking!


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