About Us

Our Story

Gil and Paul Biggerstaff are co-creators of Maria Valentina Baby and warmly welcome you to share their vision for supplying beautifully-made yet affordable, high-quality shoes, clothes, maternity bags and accessories for babies and young children.

Originally from Brazil, Gil met Paul while working in London and a friendship between them grew. They started dating and eventually married, a joyous journey that has seen their partnership grow ever closer and together with their own children, has created one big, happy, multi-cultural family! Both fun-loving and natural hosts, Gil and Paul have enjoyed bringing family and friends together for many celebrations and parties, even becoming children’s entertainers for the day! It’s clear they live and work with shared goals to create unforgettable memories where family, love and happiness is paramount.



In 2020, Gil and Paul realised it was time to follow their dream, to combine their passion for children, family, good health and happy times with a business idea. During many trips to Brazil, they had seen beautiful children’s shoes and bright, colourful clothes and accessories and got to thinking, why aren’t these amazing products available in the U.K.?


They decided to combine their individual skills, energy and motivation in one direction and targeted specific suppliers where health and well-being were at the forefront, as well as quality, style, choice and affordability. They successfully engaged a team of established yet exciting suppliers to bring great new brands to the U.K. and were able to turn their business dream into a reality.

And so Maria Valentina Baby was born!

Gil and Paul Biggerstaff


“We know how precious it is to see your baby grow and develop from the early weeks to months, then years, through all their milestones and stages. Of course, it’s not all plain sailing being mum and dad but seeing our children grow up has been a wonderful time with lots of magical moments along the way. It is so important to us that any child feels confident, comfortable and well looked after. With our new business venture Maria Valentina Baby, we offer a range of quality products that are innovative and exciting that we hope will bring fun, joy and happiness as well as serving a practical, healthy purpose for children and their parents.”

Gil & Paul Biggerstaff

Our Mission

Maria Valentina Baby was born on 18th Aug 2020 as a husband and wife business partnership.

Maria Valentina Baby brings great new brands to the UK, offering quality products which are fashionable, modern and comfortable. We want our garments, shoes and accessories to bring fun, joy and happiness.

My name is Gil and being a mum of three boys, including twins!  I have the motivation to ensure my children wear comfortable and exciting clothes and shoes. It is important to me that any child feels confident and always looks their best.

I have enjoyed being a mum and seeing my children grow up has been a wonderful time of my life with lots of magical moments along the way. With this new business venture we  hope you like what we offer, which allows me to re-connect to the good times of my children’s childhood.

Our Vision

Be the referential marketplace for babies and children apparel.

Our Values

  • Passion for Children
  • Transparency
  • Innovation
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Commitment
  • Dedication
  • Intuition
  • Happiness